Saturday, May 3, 2008

First off, weeworld is too inappropriate for kids ages 10 & under. Some kids cuss and it exposes your personal information to others. There's fighting, and people are hurtful and mean to other people.

But for kids in middle school & up, this is a really fun website. Click here to go to the home page:

Click here to look at some weemees done by two 13-year-old girls:

(beware there may people who have posted iffy things on these girls' message boards. kids can post anything, even curse words or things against people that are hurtful or mean)


Kids can have bfs and gfs and it's just a blast.

You can post anything on anybody's message boards. It's so much fun unless people get mean. People can make their own rooms, put in furniture, and change their furniture's colors. You can comment on other people's furniture if you have the same thing.

There's a few games you can play that are pretty fun, and there are forums where you can talk about things not related to weeworld. Such as your favorite sports, movies, stories or poems you've written, your pets, etc.

You can also buy real T-shirts, pins, and other weeworld things for real money. But there's one problem on weeworld, there is a little star thing with a number on it on the tops of some clothes, and other items. If you click on that you will have to buy those items with real money. So don't get any of those items, unless you wanna buy these items with your parent's permissions.

You can create your own blog about you in real life on your home page, post your thoughts and opinions in your little thought bubble, and share things about yourself in your All About Me post.

Weeworld is so much fun and let's you express yourself and your personality with other people, and you can do so much fun stuff.

You can make friends with your real life friends and people you don't even know on weeworld and it creates tons of friends you never knew existed before. And they're making a new thing where you can chat live with people, coming this May. So be prepared!

So if you want to join the fun join it click on this:

It tons of fun and we hope you enjoy it!!!